Nov 12, 2011

Our Shopping Trip Today

Plans for us to drive to the "city" didn't work out for our shopping trip today  :( Much bigger savings to be had there then here in our "little town".   It's very hard to do "Extreme Couponing" in a little town.  BUT, you can still save quite a bit of money by taking advantage of the local sales AND using coupons.

I'm generally pleased if we can save at least 50% here in town.  We were just barely under that mark today. We did have to buy a few "need" things that were not on sale and we had no coupons for ... (hate that!) But, Pamida had double coupons today which helped compensate for that.

We SPENT $118.39 and SAVED $116.11 

We were off the 50% mark by $2.28 but I can live with that! Far better then paying $234.50!!!!! lol!

Pictured below ... our $118.39 worth of supplies.

Piggly Wiggly


and, G'Pa's razor's that didn't make it in a picture :)

UPDATE -  STEPH    posted a coupon for $1 off ONE Dr. Pepper Ten 2 liter, I printed two and Davey was able to print two.  I went back to Pig and was able to get 2 more peanut butter and 4 - Dr. Pepper 10 for $4.98 and saved $5.60!  That puts us just $1.66 off  our mark of saving 50% today.

Check out & RedPlum for some great coupons!

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